Consultancy is one of the main streamlines of our company. How the whole process develops itself from order placement by the client or just a simple inquiry , till the end product, which is in our case, the piece of jewelry. During which we try to do our best to make sure, there is a good understanding about the client's wishes and ideas, how the end product will need to look like. While making a piece of jewelry, we consult and support our clients at each and every point of our common thinking process, for example which size of stones would better suit a pendant or what kind of gold combination should be used and for sure, more advanced and complicated issues, such as product insurance and shipping to its end destination.
Next to consultancy or actually a part of it, is design. Design making. For design of our jewelry pieces,  Seva designer's team uses the latest technologies to make the designs look 100% clear in the eyes of the end consumer and professionals.